So You Want to Be A Solo Female Traveler

On the fence about traveling alone as a PYT? Have your most pressing questions about female solo travel answered!

You ever have one of those “aha!” moments standing at rest stop food court trying to decide between Cinnabon or Dunkin’ Donuts? At least once a week, right? Unfortunately, it wasn’t the revelation I should eat better before I’m lowered underground in an extra-extra-wide coffin.

This epiphany happened when the girlfriend I was traveling with told me she’d always wanted to solo travel, but didn’t know how. While no danger is scarier to me than spending 16 hours on a plane with my mother, I realized that solo travel doesn’t come effortlessly to all.

To some, the “solo female traveler” is likened to internet sensationalism: a glamorous possibility they’ve seen others achieve and know is within reach, if they only knew how to start.

Here’s a list of the most common questions I’ve gotten about solo travel, and links to where I’ve written, will write, or have found answers to them.

I encourage fellow bloggers to leave a link to articles they’ve read or written answering these or other solo female traveler-related questions!

FAQ of the Solo Female Traveler:

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