Why Coconut Oil Is A Surfer Chick’s Best Friend

3 reasons why coconut oil is a cure-all for almost every problem a surfer chick could have.

1. Preventing tangles

“Going through the washing machine” a couple of times does a number on a surfer girl’s hair. This goes double for those of us with long thick locks that are prone to tangles! I recently started using coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner and it has changed my life.

I warm a little coconut oil between my hands and run them through my hair after a wash. I usually spend at least 20 minutes brushing out knots in the shower before shampoo, but haven’t needed to since!

2. Mosquitos

If you haven’t seen my Ultimate Guide to Mosquito Defense, coconut oil plays a big part in my anti-Zika strategy while living in Costa Rica. It’s benefits are dual-fold. First, rubbing coconut oil on my skin keeps it slick and harder for mosquitos to land on. It won’t prevent all mosquito bites, but it minimizes them a LOT.

Why Every Surfer Girl Needs Coconut Oil

It’s great for your skin, your hair, and your health!

Second, it has antibacterial benefits similar to tea tree oil that help with the itchiness of bites. Unlike bug spray which washes off as soon as I get in the ocean, coconut oil is a little more resilient. Now I can walk fearlessly to the beach for a 6am session without worrying about being mauled by disease-carrying bloodsuckers!

3. Boosts (But Doesn’t Replace!) Your Sunscreen

For a while, health nuts were telling everyone they could that coconut oil was a natural sunscreen. That has since been debunked (this study shows coconut oil has an SPF of only 8!) but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t it can’t help! I like to put coconut oil on top of SPF 30+ sunscreen when I go surfing to add a little more water resistance to my sun protection.

What are some your favorite uses for coconut oil?