9 Reasons Berlin Is a Solo Traveler’s Dream

Home to a world famous underground music scene and unparalleled nightlife is just the tip of the iceberg for Berlin. Solo travelers will feel right at home here, a city where individuality is embraced, English is widely spoken, and there’s something going on behind every closed door.

Why Berlin should be on the list of every solo traveler’s dream destinations

Everybody Speaks English – Being able to communicate with locals isn’t always a guarantee when traveling. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that in Berlin. Many Germans I’ve spoke with (not just those from Berlin!) agree that nowhere else in Germany is English more prevalent. It’s a good place to live if you’re trying to learn the language, but easy enough to get around even if you don’t!

solo traveler's dream

The Berlin Victory Tower is a short walk from the Brandenburger Toa and smack dab between the halves of the Tiergarden park (which was split when the Berlin Wall stood between them).

You Can Take Full Advantage of the Nightlife – A quick search of “Berlin clubs” should be proof enough that the Germans know a thing or two about partying. Berlin is a strange melting pot of exotic nightlife. Everything from sweaty pulsating dance clubs, to full-blown sex clubs and whatever else is in between. Unlike some cities, nobody will even bat an eyelash if you go out alone. In fact, Berliners are known for going their own way anyway, so you’ll actually fit right in! Venture out on your own and you’re certain to quickly make new friends!

You Might Get into Berghain – Speaking of clubs, you’re are way more likely to get into Berghain if you go alone. For more about this infamous night club, see our guide on preparing for a weekend at Berghain.

It’s Safe for Solo (Female) Travelers – Let’s face it, female solo travelers have to be a little more to worry about than guy backpackers. One benefit of visiting a metropolitan city in a developed, first-world country (especially one as diverse and multicultural as Berlin!) is that you have to do stupid things to put yourself in danger. Feel free to wander around on your own in Berlin. It’s a friendly city, and you’ll likely find some incredible things!


Take Your Time Taking It All In – Given its history, it’s not surprising that this German capital has a bit of an anti-establishment side. Berlin is steeped in enough history and art to last several days of introspective solo excursions. Going solo also means I don’t have to worry about matching anybody’s pace. I can go as quickly or slowly as I want!

One of my favorite afternoons in Berlin was spent walking alone (and slightly hungover) down the East Side Gallery. This graffiti-covered remains of the Berlin Wall is basically an outdoor gallery of over a hundred murals painted in 1990 to commemorate the tearing down of the wall that separated East and West Berlin for nearly 30 years (until 1989).

solo traveler's dream

When you travel alone, it’s sometimes easier just to take a selfie than asking stranger after stranger to take pictures of you!

Everybody Is So Friendly – Traveling with friends, it’s easy to stick to your group and never interact with others. On your own however, you’re almost forced to talk to other people. It’s also incredibly easy to make new friends, especially if you’re staying in hostels. When I spent the weekend* at Berghain, I stayed at the extremely communal Sunflower Hostel a block away, and encountered some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met!

*After spending the weekend at Berghain, I needed a full day away from people and noise to recover, so I switched to the ultra sleek Plus Berlin hotel-hostel near the Warschauer Straße U-Bahn station.

You Can Really Be Yourself – In my mind, Berlin is unequivocally the most open-minded place in the world. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your sexuality is, Berlin has a strict laissez-faire policy. Nothing is offensive and everything is acceptable. Vegan? Want to go clubbing in a latex dominatrix body suit? Openly gay and damn proud of it? Welcome home!

solo traveler's dream

The “East Side Gallery” is the graffiti-covered remains of the Berlin Wall and a mural of post-Wall Berlin. The words at the bottom translate to “My god, help me to survive this deadly love.”

It’s Diet-Friendly – Most people think about German food and probably jump to schnitzel, pretzels, or currywurst (which was actually invented here!). But you’d be wrong if you thought that’s all you could find in Berlin. Although currywurst is nearly ubiquitous, healthy eaters will also find some of the highest concentration of vegan, vegetarian, vegetarian-friendly, organic, sustainably grown, you-name-it restaurants in the world!

It’s the “Berlin Way” – There’s a saying among Berlin locals for when something seems absurd to an outsider. “It’s just the Berlin Way.” I’d like to think that the Berlin way is just your way. Want to wander museums alone? Be in a throbbing mosh pit of sweaty bodies? Meet interesting strangers at an underground supper club? You’ll almost always find a place to do it and people who are looking for the same thing. And isn’t doing things your way what solo travel is all about?

Berlin: solo traveler’s dream, or mecca of weirdos—what do you think?

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